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    Friendship Force Perth - Single Page Pamphlet

    A summary of Friendship Force and its aims, suitable for printing as a three fold pamphlet.

    Single Page Pamphlet (PDF)

    Friendship Force Perth - Tutorials

    These are guides developed by Friendship Force Perth for new members and current members looking for hints. They are in PDF format and range in size from 1KB to 3KB.

    Guide for Members (August 2019)

    Guide for Hosts (July 2016)

    Guide for Ambassadors (July 2016)

    Guide for Ambassador Coordinators (2018)

    Guide for Host Coordinators (2018)

    Planning an Outbound Exchange (July 2016)

    Friendship Force Perth - Logos

    These logos are in JPEG format and must only be used for Friendship Force Perth activities and must be used "as is".  This means that they cannot be edited, changed or partially obscured when presented.

    Logo - Horizontal - Small (for WEB pages, email, etc)

    Logo - Vertical - Small (for WEB pages, email, etc)

    Logo - Horizontal - Large (for print material)

    Logo - Vertical - Large (for print material)

    Friendship Force International

    Journey Guidelines for Ambassador and Host Coordinators

    Friendship Force Videos (Website)

    Video - It Was Just a Week (46MB)

    Video - Now More Than Ever (147MB)