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  • Journey Highlights

    Some highlights from past journeys to Perth


    Caversham Wildlife Park
    You can meet a wombat (pictured), pat a kangaroo, see a sheep being sheared and learn how to crack a whip (it's not that easy)..
    Yanchep National Park
    Where you can enjoy the bushland setting and perhaps see a koala.
    Friendship Force Wall
    Attach a new plaque on the Friendship Force wall commemorating the Friendship Force journeys that Perth has hosted.
    Perth Mint
    One of the few places in the world that still makes gold coins.  See a gold pour, try to lift a solid gold ingot, see the worlds largest gold coin (weighing one tonne) and, if you have the money, buy some gold.
    The Pinnacles
    Take a day trip to the Pinnacles.  A strange sandy area with half million year old petrified plants.  This has been used as the location for science fiction movies and avant-garde music videos.
    Plant a Tree
    To commemorate overseas journeys Friendship Force, along with the City of Perth, has planted a number of trees which will grow and continue to remind us of your visit.
    Picnic In the Park
    Enjoy a picnic in a park where everyone can get together to exchange experiences.
    Sunset Over the Indian Ocean
    Grab a Fish and Chips dinner and settle down on the beach to watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean.
    Ferry Ride
    Enjoy a ferry ride on the river, it could be a small electric powered ferry like this or a bigger ferry cruise to Fremantle.
    Fremantle Jail
    Tour the now closed Fremantle Jail, originally built in the convict era it was reserved for the state's worst criminals and was a tough place to be incarcerated.
    Bush Dance
    Have a rollicking good time and experience the social highlight for a country town 100 years ago. Try dancing to some celtic jigs or old fashioned formation dances like the Heel and Toe and Queensland Backstep.
    Visit Gnomesville, a patch of bushland where, for some reason, the residents of Western Australia have added thousands of garden gnomes from around the world.  There are even two Friendship Force gnomes in residence.
    Maritime Museum
    Visit the Maritime Museum in Fremantle which houses Australia II the boat that won the America's Cup from the New York Yacht Club in 1983 breaking the longest winning streak in the history of all sports (125 years).
    Kings Park
    Set right in the centre of Perth, Kings Park is a 1000 acre park featuring a mixture of grassed parkland, botanical gardens and natural bushland.  Go for a walk on the elevated walkway (pictured) and see the view from the top of the trees.
    Bell Tower
    The Bell Tower includes twelve bells from St Martin-in-the-Fields church (London, UK) given to the people of Western Australia as part of the national Bicentennial celebrations in 1988. You can try your hand at ringing these bells.
    Wild Kangaroos
    Visit Herrison Island or Pinnaroo Cemetery to find wild kangaroos.  If you are lucky you might even be able to pat one.
    Shipwreck Museum
    The Shipwreck Museum in Fremantle is home to many relics of the first ships to reach the Western Australian shores hundreds of years ago.  Pride of place is the wreckage of the Batavia and its story of brutal violence almost 400 years ago.
    Swan Valley
    Visit the Swan Valley, a premium wine growing area just half an hour's drive from the centre of Perth.  Try tasting a few wines.
    Dinner Hosting
    Hosting a dinner for our ambassadors is popular in Friendship Force.  Sit around a table and enjoy a good chat with people from all walks of life.