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  • About Fremantle

    Fremantle is approximately 20 kilometres south of Perth and is the port city for Perth and part of the greater metropolitan area.  It has long been known as WA's second city and has a number of majestic historic buildings that take the visitor back in time, while at the same time its marine heritage draws visitors to the ocean.

    Another great influence in Fremantle's history was after Australia stunned the yachting world in 1983 by winning the America's Cup in America, thus ending a 132 year run of success by the New York Yacht Club in this event. In 1987, the beautiful port city of Fremantle was chosen to host the America's Cup Challenge and the city was spruced up in preparation for the event.

    While the Australians were determined to hang on to the Cup, the Americans were successful in their vow to win it back.

    Some of Fremantle's attractions include a stroll along Cappuccino strip, a visit to the Maritime Museum, the historic Round House and Jail, the Markets and many artisan shops. Perth and Fremantle are very clean cities. The endless coastline of white sandy beaches, warm, sparkling blue waters of the Indian Ocean and friendly people make it easy to fall in love with the place.

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