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  • President's Message

    Do you want to see the world through a different perspective?

    Want to make new friends around the globe?

    Then welcome to our website and learn more about the Friendship Force.


    Our club here in Perth is a relatively new club, but is part of in international organisation spanning over 60 countries with over 360 clubs world wide.

    Our members have travelled the world, making many, long lasting friends around the globe - we've partied in Peru, been beguiled in Belgium and toured tantalising Taiwan.

    The Friendship Force of Perth extends a warm welcome to visitors from near and afar. Come join us in this great city of Perth - the most isolated capital city in the world.

    For those wishing to join our club you are very welcome as always we encourage new members and to those from far way, we have much to offer here in Perth - a wonderful climate, a clean, fresh city but most of all, friendly people.

    That's what the Friendship Force is all about - Faces not Places!

    President of Friendship Force Perth
    Margaret Walsh